Thursday, September 1, 2011

Be Kinder - Starting the Movement!


Today is the day to start a movement. The power of ONE is so much more effective than some might believe. Well, those naysayers are wrong and it is time to prove it! 

Last weekend I wrote a post about starting a movement and gave three "movement starting" ideas: be kinder, be more generous, be more present. Over the coming weeks we will dive deeper into these topics and wrap it all up at the end with a way that you can truly make an "ocean wave" of a difference in the world.

Let's start with being kinder. Whether you want to call this "random acts of kindness" or just go whole hog and start being kinder to everyone, both work here. Let's look at this excerpt from my original post (you can read the entire original post here).

Be kinder: Be kinder to everyone you meet today. The reality is that the kindness you bestow upon someone may be just the lift their spirit needs to keep them going. Life is hard. You can single-handedly make life better for every single person you come in contact with. Just by simply being kinder - to everyone. 

Kindness and energy:
There is a noticeably different "air" around someone who is kind. And everyone within their vicinity feels those good vibes that they send out. There has been quite a bit of research around the energy within each of us. But this isn't a new concept. Reike masters and massage therapists have understood for centuries that our bodies give off energy. This is why they keep one hand touching you at all times during a session. Chakras, or energy centers within our bodies, can be traced to India origins dating as far back as 500 B.C. 

Do you believe that we can harness that energy and use it to positively influence others, or to negatively affect them? I do.

Kindness movements worldwide:
I discovered several "kindness movement" websites while doing research for this post: "1 Million Acts of Kindness Birmingham", "Singapore Kindness Movement", "Russia, Volunteer Movement 'Give Kindness'", "World Kindness Movement", and Lissa Coffey's post on "The Kindness Movement", just to name a few. What they all seem to have in common is a desire to see human beings be kinder to one another, and to start a catalyst, or avalanche, with a kindness movement to really shake the ground we stand on. Why are so many people interested in seeing a kinder world around them? Because LIFE IS HARD enough without having to deal with mean, grumpy, irritable people all of the time :-) You can impact every person that you come in contact with. Then they are kinder to others, who are kinder to others, and so on. Before you know it, you've started a wonderful movement of kindness in your own little part of the world!

Kindness and its effects:
Do you believe that just being kinder can shake the very earth under someone's feet? Have you ever lost a loved one? Have you ever been overcome with worry about a loved one's well-being, or struck with fear about an impending call back from the Doctor? When you are at your weakest, your most vulnerable; the kindness of a stranger or a loved one can shore up the ground under your feet. It is a settling effect that helps you stand your ground and see through the cloud of dust in front of you, and to help you believe that you really can make it through the tough times ahead.  

Be kinder:
Be kinder to everyone today. Try it for a whole day, and see how fantabulous* you feel at the end of the day. Then comment below on your experiences! I want to hear what you did, how it went, how it felt, and if anyone paid it forward after you bestowed kindness towards them!


P.S. If you are interested in learning more about Reiki and harnessing the energy within the human body, click here. The author has no affiliation with this site, but found it full of enlightening information on the Reiki philosophy.

* - Van Morrison reference, from the song Moondance

Dedicated to Joshua